Wednesday, 1 March 2017

SHOCKING:- 'Even if Messi wants to play for Altinordu for free, I wouldn't sign him'

The Turkish side are vigorous in their notions and currently have no peregrine players on their books, betokening a move for the star is out of the question

The chairman of a second division Turkish side says he would repudiate the chance to sign Lionel Messi from Barcelona, even if he were to play for free.
Altinordu, who pride themselves on their excellent youth academy, strive for a team built only from the prospects developed from their system, and currently have no player over the age of 21 on  Altinordu books.

Chairman of the club, Mehmet Seyit Ozkan, insists he would not break the structure he has instilled at the club, not even for disputably the best player to have ever played the game.

''Even if Messi wants to play for Altinordu for free, I would definitely reject him," he told the club website.
''I believe in our young Turkish players. I'm giving chances to them.
''Our target is to be in the Super League and competing in European cups in 2023 which is our 100th year.''

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