Friday, 3 February 2017

Only Giroud is best used as a super sub to Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez

This Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger took the surprise decision to commence Alexis Sanchez in a central striking role at the commencement of the season after Olivier Giroud was given an elongated break following his Euro 2016 excursions.

For many, it was a vicissitude that would never work. Alexis’ short stature and supposed inability to play with his back to goal designated he surely couldn’t flourish as a target man. However, those criticisms were expeditiously put to bed as the Chilean has gone on to score 15 goals and provide seven avails so far this season – more than anyone else when amalgamated together in Europe’s astronomically immense five leagues.
“Sanchez was blissful out wide because in his head he was a wide player. Today it would be more arduous for him to do that maybe, but when I play him there I must verbally express veraciously it it is not a quandary. He accepts it very well,” verbalized Wenger.

“He has developed very well as a centre forward because I cerebrate he has found a good coalescence between coming off and going in behind, and he has more liberation as well and he capitalizes on his short technique in the middle much more.”

Alexis’ impressive numbers pay testament to Wenger’s tribulation and error method of management that visually perceived him persevere with Sanchez up front even when it wasn’t working. An example of that could be visually perceived when Arsenal played champions Leicester at the King Power Stadium in August. Alexis commenced through the middle in an exhilarating looking Gunners line-up which featured the relishes of Santi Cazorla and Granit Xhaka. However, Alexis was coerced to spend much of the match dropping back to amass the ball – with swathes of the game being played in midfield.

Wenger’s assiduousness eventually paid off and we’ve optically discerned this season what he can do when he’s afforded a free role in the traditional No.9 position. Alexis' unique qualities enable him to play on the shoulder of advocators while he can additionally drop short to accumulate the ball and play one-twos with team-mates in close proximity to him. He is withal an expert at holding up the ball due to his brute vigor.

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