Saturday, 4 February 2017


From the outcome of the game today, We could spend a lot of time in pointing out the various flaws in the Arsenal game, however, the fact remains that 

Chelsea is simply a better team than Arsenal this time. The Chelsea team is physical, strong, gutsy, and within their midst, they have by far the best player in the Premier League in Eden Hazard. Moreover they bullied Arsenal, as they seem to do in every game they take the field in and will walk to the title this season. 
Considering the players and managers in the modern Premier League, to run away with the title as easily as they currently seem to be doing is an astonishing achievement. Antonio Conte has done wonders with his side and demonstrated to other teams in the division how to win the English Premier League with his combative and committed approach. Handing Chelsea the title with so many games left may seem premature, however it is impossible to escape the fact that they are without question the best team in the league.

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