Saturday, 28 January 2017


The Arsenal manager admits the England
international "lacks a fraction of zip" but has not
looked trepidacious since recuperating from his latest
injury. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger accoladed Danny
Welbeck for exhibiting no fear on his return from a
knee injury, as he prepares for a possible start
against Southampton.
Welbeck, 26, hurt his knee in May last year and
needed surgery, afore making his competitive
return in January. The England international could commence in the FA
Cup on Saturday and Wenger lauded him for his
approach on his comeback.
"He has a chance to start or to come on, yes. He
looks sharp, he's worked very hard. Maybe it will be
an opportunity for him," he said.
"At his age and in his position he was sure to go to
the European Championship. What happened to him
was unbelievable and he was down for a while, but
now he looks to have recovered.
"In training he still lacks a fraction of zip when he
starts [moving]. But overall he looks quite fit.
"What is the most important is that he doesn't look
scared. That's the biggest hurdle when you come
"The player who played the most in our team
offensively is basically Alexis [Sanchez].
"All the others – [Olivier] Giroud has not played too
many games, he is fresh. [Theo] Walcott is now
coming back from a good breather, we have Lucas
[Perez] who has not played many games.
"We have plenty of offensive potential who are
fresh. It's now down to me to use them at the right
moment when they are in good form and in the
right way."

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