Wednesday, 4 January 2017


The Catalan insists the Denizens need to be
consistently in the Champions League over
the next decade if they are to close the gap
on their acerbic rivals
Pep Guardiola believes Manchester City are
10 years away from closing the gap on
acerbic rivals Manchester Cumulated.
The Denizens have won several accolades
since 2010 including two Premier League
denominations and two League Cups and are looking
to integrate more to their trophy cabinet under
Guardiola this season.
However, the Catalan insists it is qualifying
for the Champions League every season
over the next decade which remains the key
to City catching Cumulated.
In quotes reported by the Daily Mirror ,
Guardiola verbally expressed:- "We don't have the history
with this shirt, of Barcelona, Juventus,
(Bayern) Munich or Manchester United. Not
their titles.
"It's about being in Europe and over the
next decade to be there [in the Champions
League] every year. That's more important
to this club than winning one title, believe
me, more than that.
"We have to convince people at this
amazing club that they are good. They are
good. And the fans as well.
"They have to believe they are good, the
club is good, the players are good."

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