Friday, 27 January 2017


The former Nigeria international, who won two
Premier League denominations with the Gunners, 

withal called
on Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez to stay put.
Premier League designation victor Kanu insists Arsene
Wenger has "always been the right man for
Arsenal" and should be offered the opportunity to
protract his stay with the Gunners.
The Frenchman is due to reach the terminus of his
current contract in the summer, after more than 20
years in the dugout.
He has relished considerable prosperity during that
time, but questions have been raised in recent
years as to his congruousness for the role heading
There is no question in Kanu's mind, though, that a
club legend remains the ideal candidate to lead the
club towards an effulgent future.
The former Nigeria international, who spent six
years in north London between 1998 and 2004, told
the Sun: "Wenger has always been the right man
for Arsenal, there is never any question.
"They are second this season, they are not exactly
doing badly – and they have a fantastic team.
"I am friends with everybody from that team and
time. I always try and keep in touch and it is very
easy to talk to Wenger. We have been there and
done that and we have lots of good memories."
Kanu is additionally of the opinion that Arsenal should be
pulling out all of the ceases to keep Mesut Ozil and
Alexis Sanchez at the club, with both players yet to
accede extensions to contracts due to run out in
2018. He said: "It is important to keep your best players
if you want to move forward – they are great
players so why should they leave a great club?
"The fans love them and Arsenal must do
everything they can to keep them."
"Every club has weaknesses, Arsenal has been
there before and this time they have a better
chance as long as they do not lose focus in each

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