Monday, 2 January 2017


The Spain star has scored 14 goals in 18league encounters and tidied up his act, buthe confessed that he virtually left Englishfootball for an Atletico return.

Chelsea star Diego Costa has admitted that
he was perilously proximate to jumping ship at
Stamford Bridge during an arduous summer
for the striker.
Costa has been in sparkling form so far in
2016-17, rediscovering his best under the
tutelage of Antonio Conte.
But it could all have been so different had
the Spain international followed through on 
his wish to work under former mentor Diego
Simeone again at Atletico Madrid.
"Could I have gone in the summer? Yes,
yes. I was about to leave," he said. "I was
about to but, well, I'm happy here as well
and that's that," he told reporters.

"Did I want to go? Yes, yes. I had the
possibility to go to Atletico, because of a
few things, the family, the life I have there
but not because of Chelsea, because, here,
there's a lot of love with the supporters,
with the people, so I'm here very happy, I'm
very content.
"People love me a lot. There was one thing I
wanted to change for family reasons but,
well, it wasn't to be and I continue to be
happy here. It was important too that the
manager, from the very first minute, said he
counted on me.
"I know what I have to do. I know when I do
bad, so I thought about it and knew I had
to improve that aspect because, here in the
Premier League, the reality is there's no
mercy [authority], a lot of the time it
seemed like they [referees] were against
me," he explained.
"There was no other way, because if they're
not going to change, I had to change."
Costa currently leads the Premier League
scoring charts, while his club sit pretty at
the summit six points clear of most proximate rivals

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