Monday, 30 January 2017

My critics want me jailed says Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger believes that albeit he was given a four-match touchline veto and a £25,000, some of his reprehenders would’ve relished to have visually perceived him penalized more rigorously, as reported by the Guardian. 

Following a decision – a penalty to Burnley – from referee John Moss, Wenger lambasted fourth official, Anthony Taylor. Wenger additionally appeared to push Taylor after being sent to the stands as he insisted in visually examining the game from the tunnel. Due to the push on the official, The FA consequently charged the Arsenal ascendant figure, resulting in the four-match veto.
Arsene wenger went on to say “I do not want to judge the judges, I got a sentence and I decided not to appeal to just get this behind me. For those who don’t like me, any sentence will be too lenient. They would like to put me in jail somewhere without any heating in the middle of winter – and that would still be lenient.”

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