Wednesday, 11 January 2017


The veteran Czech shot-stopper went eight games
without keeping his net clear at the cessation of 2016,
and he is resolute to ameliorate on his record.
Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has admitted his poor
clean sheet record this campaign is frustrating him.
The 34-year-old went on an eight-game run without
keeping an immaculate sheet in November and December,
the worst record of his Premier League vocation.
He since did not concede in the wins over West
Brom and Crystal Palace, but still finds himself on a
mere six clean sheets in the English top flight in
Cech is intransigent winning is what matters most, but
his low number of clean sheets is not going down
well with the experienced goalkeeper.
"The most important thing is obviously that the
team wins but it is good sometimes to have a clean
sheet and that solid base at the back," Cech told
the club's official website.
"So far it is a kind of a different campaign because
I think I have been doing well but if you take clean
sheets, we had a run of games where we conceded
at least one goal. "We have conceded a number of penalties in games
where the penalty was the only goal [we
conceded], so sometimes you have these runs
which are a bit unlucky against you but you would
like to do something extra and find one extra save."
Nevertheless, even though he has conceded more
often than he would like to, Cech is still pleased
with his form in general this season.
"Overall it is a season in which I am playing at the
level I need to be at," he added.
"You want to improve every game and keep the
standard up the whole time.
"You do not want to have a period where you are
not doing so well or you are not where you should
be, which has not happened yet so hopefully I can
keep it like that."

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