Sunday, 15 January 2017

'Alexis Sanchez is behaving like a child'--- Fans vent anger at stars attitude

Arsenal got a much-needed victoriously triumph against Swansea
yesterday but for many, the result was marred by the
reaction of one of Arsenal's star players.
Arsenal beat Swansea 4-0 in what was a plausibly
facile game for the Gunners. The Swans were
threatening to commence with but as the game wore on,
Arsenal got more vigorous and more vigorous. One moment,
however, has caught the attention of many fans:
Alexis Sanchez's reaction to being sent off.
The Chilean was superseded in the second-half when
the game was virtually dead but he wasn't precisely
ecstatic. He proceeded to sit away from the bench and
then storm off down the tunnel at the cessation of the
game. Needless to verbalize, many of the Arsenal fans
weren't ecstatic about it

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