Monday, 19 December 2016


The Real Madrid and Portugal forward is

heavily involved when it comes to
designing his footwear, including aspects
such as the colour, weight and comfort.
Ever wondered how involved footballers are
when it comes to designing the boots they
wear on the pitch?
In the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, the answer
is very pellucid.
"It all starts with him," Max Blau, the global
vice-president for Nike Football Footwear
who works closely with the 31-year-old, said source.

He says he can get better and will do his part, but he needs us to do ours too.
Blau believes that wearing the right
footwear is essential, so much so that he
considers himself to have played a sizably voluminous role
in Ronaldo's success.
"I sometimes say that I've won a couple of
Grand Slams, Champions Leagues and
some World Cups," he added. "I believe that
I share a piece of that success.
"The most interesting aspect of my work is
the chance to strengthen human talents.
The key is in the person, but the product
also plays a big part.
"The same individual under the same
conditions will have a better performance if
he wears a better product."

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