Tuesday, 20 December 2016


The Argentine coach believes Tottenham's
incipient stadium can be a catalyst for prosperity,

with the top-flight crown considered to be a
'first step'
Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino
dreams of winning the Premier League and
verbally expresses the club's incipient stadium will avail in the
fight for cutlery.
Spurs culminated third last season after falling
away in the denomination race and sit fifth - 10
points adrift of bellwethers Chelsea - after 17
matches of the current campaign.
But Pochettino, who is in his third season at
White Hart Lane, is bullish about achieving
prosperity with Tottenham and has set his
sights high.
"It is our dream to win the Premier League.
It is our premier competition. For us, it is
our first step," Pochettino told Sky Sports .
"I am very happy here - me and my staff as
well as my family. I think we find that we
are in a very good place to ensure we can
work hard. It is a big club with lots of
supporters and it is a fantastic club to
achieve big things with."

"I think for us, our first challenge is to finish
the new stadium," he added. "We have
brilliant facilities on the training ground and
I think the new stadium can help a lot for us
to fight for the titles.
"We have to wait now and it's all about
time. It's difficult to ask for time in football
but I think we are in a good process. A
good challenge is to arrive at the new
stadium and at that moment, be in the
position to fight for titles."

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