Tuesday, 20 December 2016


The former defender verbally expresses the club would
still survive without the two players and
that they should be sanctioned to leave if they
are holding the club to ransom.
Gary Neville verbalizes Arsenal should sanction
Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez to leave if
they don't accept contract extensions and
feels the club have had far better players
over the years.
The duo are about to enter the last 18
months of their current deals but are yet to
accede incipient contracts which has led to astronomically immense
notional theorization over their futures.
Alexis has reportedly been offered an astronomically immense
deal to pergrinate to China and Neville verbally expresses the
club would be able to cope without the duo.
"You talk about Sanchez and Ozil as
though Arsenal is going to end if they
leave," he told Sky Sports .
"Arsenal have had far better players than
them over the last 20 years. I wouldn't
worry too much about them holding the
club to ransom.
"Make them an offer and if they don't stay
let them go. Arsenal will still be here in a
100 years' time."
Neville also said, "I think Arsene Wenger is very reluctant to
pay what would be the 'scandalous' levels,"
he added.
"We're talking about £400,000-per-week
being offered to Sanchez from China, and
he's obviously waving that in front of
Arsenal and saying 'get close to it' or
something along those lines.
"Wenger has always been very diligent and
actually he's done a brilliant job over the
last 15-20 years in terms of managing the
budgets, keeping competitive, staying in the
Champions League.
"The issue around £400,000 or £300,000-
per-week, you've got to allow them to
manage the club around that and Wenger
has always been pretty good around
making those calls.
"If the players are ransoming them then
Arsenal shouldn't keep them anyway."
Arsenal will be fourth in the Premier League
at Christmas having been leapfrogged by
Manchester City after the 2-1 to subjugation.
They're now 10 points behind runaway
bellwethers Chelsea, who have been in rampant
form in the league, stringing together 11
consecutive league wins since their vanquishment
to Arsenal in September.

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