Saturday, 17 December 2016


Defending like the German did against Ashley Williams Arsenal won't
win the Premier league title, according to
the former Gunners great.

Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson verbalizes
Mesut Ozil's role in Everton's winning goal
on Tuesday night was 'not good enough'.
Arsenal lost 2-1 at Goodison Park, a result
which leaves them third in the Premier
League and six points behind bellwethers

Chelsea, and Merson feels Ozil could have
done more to avert Ashley Williams
heading in from a corner tardy on.
Inditing in his column for the Daily Star ,
Merson verbally expressed: "He [Ozil] was cowering as the
ball came in and he literally absquatulated from
"That's inadequate. That doesn't win
you league title. He doesn't even require to
win it. Just a little nudge could have been
enough to put Ashley Williams off but he
gave up.
"Arsenal can't afford to do that."
Arsene Wenger's side peregrinate to Manchester
City on Sunday and they'll again be without
advocator Shkodran Mustafi, who has been
ruled out for the remnant of the year with
a hamstring injury.
"They are genuinely going to miss Shkodran
Mustafi. He hasn't lost a game since he's
been there," verbalized Merson.
But if Arsenal lose this game they could
suddenly be a long way behind Chelsea and
playing catch-up again.

Manchester City bounced back from
consecutive defeats at home to Chelsea
and away to Leicester with a 2-0 victory
over Watford on Wednesday and Merson
believes the game against Arsenal is a
must-win for Pep Guardiola's side.
"They've already lost one sizably voluminous game at
home, they can't afford to lose another," he
verbally expressed.

"People say there's still a long way to go in
the denomination race but every game counts, and
these are sizably voluminous games. You can't let anyone
get too immensely colossal a lead at this stage of the
season and that is what Chelsea are
threatening to do."

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